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Stanley like toy train in India! (Similar to the one in "A toy train in space")

Look what we found in a store in India? Stanley like toy train!!!

This was unfortunately named 'Charlie' but look-wise it is almost the same as the one used on the YouTube viral video "A toy train in space", where a father sends his son's favorite toy to space and back. The video was even featured in Ellen DeGeneres show. The link to the video is at the bottom of this post.

But first check this out!

A toy train in space: video

Admiring nature in flight | Awesome clouds view outside the plane

Whenever I fly, if I get a windows seat I always make sure to take some time to gaze out the window and admire nature. The clouds, especially at dawn and dusk looks spectacular. Most evenings are awesome with the soft rusty sunlight bouncing off the clouds in a spectacular display of colors.

Admiring nature in flight. Here is a small video.

This was during monsoon. I am sure it must have been raining down below. But up here, it looks like a sea of white wool.

Do it yourself series | How to adjust the headlight of Pulsar bikes (Dtsi)?

As you might already know, Bikes also have two beam setting -low and high beam (an idiot also knows that :p). Now in my case, after replacing the fused headlight bulb by a mechanic, the beam was pointing too close causing much discomfort which I realized only after I rode one night not having tested it after repair. We use low beam mostly when we drive slower. But on straight road when we pick up speed the beam should point at a comfortable distance.

Instead of talking it to a mechanic, I decided to do it myself and it is fairly simple which I found after looking around the head assembly. There was this peculiar screw protruding out. Actually, found the screw after more than an hour after opening the head assembly and trying to fix it by other means.
No need to go that far. All you need is a screw driver and find that 'odd' screw.

Before you start adjusting, place the bike in a suitable location and turn on

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