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Best productivity addons for Firefox

Here are some productivity add-ons you might wanna use on Firefox...that  help you browse faster, keep your things organized et al...

    • "Duh?? I can save bookmarks on the browser" . Yeah, right. But how many? And are they accessible on online, so you can view any where...with an Internet connection of course.
    • Delicious - keeps your bookmarks online - sorted with tags to help you find easily
    • Bookmarks can be kept private or public.
    • Get Delicious Bookmark add-on for Firefox

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      Installing too many add-ons will slow your system: 
      No one hardly uses browsers without extensions and add-ons, but keep only the ones you really need because many add-ons will  slow your browser / system as more memory and CPU resources will be consumed.

      Also see: Firefox addons for power surfing

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